If you want to turn your website to help you generate sales 365 days a year, 24 X 7 a week, this will be the most important message you see this year.

My name is Adam Yong, an internet marketer and also the founder of Adam-SEO Marketing Agency.

Back to 10 years ago, I was just like you. I have a good-looking online store but it didn’t generate any sales.

Why? It is because I had very few visitors and my website was not able convert the cold leads to become customers.

I had tried many ways and found that we need 2 important things to succeed.

High Targeted Traffic

High Targeted Traffic

Highly Converting Website

Highly Converting Website

From there, I started to learn and implement SEO marketing into my own business.

Guess what? It works like crazy. At the same time, I changed my focus to become a SEO specialist.

Today, I am going to share my past experience about both of them.

Let’s get start with targeted traffic…

Ask yourself…

If your website receives high targeted traffic every day…

How would that change your business sales?

How would that change your income?

And what is the best strategy to get online targeted traffic to your web site?

With over 3.5 billion searches per day, Google provides the biggest potential free traffic to your website.

Imagine you are selling a product at $500 and there are 5000 visitors searching for that product in Google every month.

If you can make your website rank at least in the first 10 search results of Google, that will translate to around 300-400 leads per month.

If 5% of your leads become your customer, you are getting additional 20 sales worth $10,000 every month.

Google Search

It’s not only able to bring in more traffic to your website but ranking on top of Google search result against your competitor shows that your company has more authority.

A Highly Converting Website

And if you have a highly converting website, you may able to double or triple the sales with the same amount of traffic.

More sales

A highly converting website is not only good looking but also comes with great sales copy and sales funnel that are able to generate sales and build your own email list.

Email list is important because you can use it to sell and provide value to your customer again and again.

If you are applying remarketing strategies, it can help you increase further your sales at a very low advertising fee.

And if you are not doing these for your business, then you are losing out on the opportunity to increase your business revenue every day of the year, with cost even lower than hiring your own business salesperson.

Everyone knows SEO marketing is important…

But why is it that many business owners are in dilemma of having second thoughts in implementing SEO marketing?

A SEO process consist of multiple stages which involve different kinds of task.

Most SEO companies put everything in a black box and offer it to business owner like you.

They charge a few thousand upfront to start a SEO campaign without showing any results and knowing what happen inside the black box.

All you can do is “trust” that they will deliver on their promise few months later. And there is no guarantee the SEO campaign works!

This is a dilemma for most companies and stops them from engaging a professional SEO service.

SEO Process

We understand your pain and that’s why we are here…

We “Unbox” the SEO process into 3 stages to let you try on it.

You only pay what you need and see the result before we move on to next stage.

Each stage will clearly define the expectation and outcome once it is completed.


SEO Foundation

Create a comprehensive SEO Marketing plan, competitor analysis, keyword research, implement on-page optimization, setup necessary account such as Google Search Console & analytic tool and send press release.



SEO Promotion

Perform off-site search engine optimization, email networking with online writers, blog owners, journalists, site authorities and resources to further promote your content generate new links and social signals.



SEO Maintenance

Once you have dominated the page 1 result, you can move on to the maintenance stage. We monitor your rankings and make needed adjustments, additional promotion, and tweaks to maintain your current ranking positions.


Your SEO campaign shouldn’t stop there.

You should consider to implement Remarketing Ads and setup a Sales Funnel to double or triple your sales with same amount of traffics.

I guarantee you will be amazed with the result.

How Can We Help?

My team helped numerous business owners start their SEO marketing and increased their sales online in Malaysia for the past few years. We are expanding our services globally and hope to help more business owners to benefit from the power of SEO marketing at Zero risk.

Here are the specialties about us.

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